Reveal Fresher, Brighter & More Visibly Smoother Skin!

Dermaplaning is a manual non-invasive exfoliation treatment that gently abrades the top layers of the skin using a surgical blade.

This treatment removes the outer most layer of the skin. It also removes “peach fuzz” which is the soft vellus hair from your face.

It stimulates collagen & creates a healthy glow, combined with our 10-step Deluxe Facial, leaving you with a radiant and visibly smoother complexion.


  • EXPRESS Dermaplaning Single Treatment:                    £45

EXPRESS Dermaplaning Treatment Time is aroud 4o mins and does not include LED Light Therapy.


  • DELUXE Dermaplaning Single Treatment:                    £75
  • Package deal of 6:          £405  Saving  £45 (£67.50 per treatment)

 DELUXE Dermaplaning includes 10 mins LED Light Therapy.  Packages of 6 must be used within 6 months.


Benefits of a Dermaplaning Treatment

  • The absorption of dermal products is greatly increased by up to 80%
  • Immediate reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced
  • Cleares pores
  • Provides a visibly youthful brighter complexion
  • Dermaplaning is very beneficial 2 weeks before any laser hair removal treatments.
  • Primes the skin for further treatments such as chemical peels
  • Smoother skin which is great for applying makeup and a more youthful complexion.

Who is a Dermaplaning Treatment For?

  • All skin types
  • Very effective on very dry skin or rough skin texture
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Mature skin which often has a build-up of dead skin cells and slower skin turnover
  • Noticeable peach fuzz or facial hair
  • Lacklustre skin
  • It’s also non inflammatory treatment so its suitable for those with pigmentation

How Often Treatments Are Recommended

  • The treatment removes up to 2 – 3 weeks of dead skin cells so the results will last for approximately 4 weeks, so treatments can be performed every 4- 5 weeks.

Dermaplaning Deluxe LED Facial Treatment Process

  • TREATMENT TIME – is around 1 hour 30 mins. includes 10 mins LED Phototherapy
  • CONSULTATION – We will provide you with all pre and post treatment guidelines during your consultation process along with your free Intensive Hydro Soothing Cream for at home use.
  • PREPARE – We start by preparing your skin with a good cleanse and tone.
  • STIMULATE – To maximise the full benefits of the LED Light Therapy, we need to stimulate blood flow. So, prepare to relax and unwind with a beautiful Gua sha & Lymphatic drainage massage.

    – Cooling Eye Gel Patches are applied during your massage which are designed to sooth and relax whilst the peptides boost collagen production which also helps reduce eye bags and wrinkles.
  • DERMAPLANE – We shave the whole face with a sterile surgical blade.
  • BOOST, ACTIVATE & REPAIR – Once the whole area has been treated, we apply additional Repair Face Serums and Multi-Peptide Boosters to encourage further collagen production. These serums contain targeted ingredients which react, boost and activate during the LED Light Therapy.
  • LED LIGHT THERAPY – We provide 10 mins Dermalux LED Light Therapy to speed up the healing and rejuvenation process. The LED Therapy also enhances the penetration of products deeper into your skin and accelerates activation of the ingredients.
  • STEP 7 – FINISH – We then apply tailored eye and face serums for a beautiful radiant glow, followed by our Intensive Hydro Soothing Cream which is designed to help restore the skin and give a boost of moisture after invasive skin treatments.
  • STEP 8 – PROTECT – We provide a nourishing Lip balm & multi-purpose SPF40 to finish. The soothing ingredients ensure no irritation whilst protecting from harmful UVB rays.
  • STEP 9 – AFTERCARE – We Provide free Intensive Hydro Soothing Cream to use at home following your treatment.
  • GET UP AND GLOW! There is no downtime with this treatment, you simply get up and glow with smoother, healthier and more revitalised skin.


You will see results immediately following treatment.
You may need to apply a moisturizer or other skin care product at home. We provide you with free Intensive Hydro Soothing Cream to use at home following your treatment. We will provide you with aftercare advice that includes sun protection as use of a daily SPF40 is mandatory following the treatment. Protecting your skin form the sun helps ensure the best possible results and reduces the risk of side effects.
Following treatment, you max experience the skin feeling warm / hot with a sensation of mild sunburn. Skin may also feel tight, dry or irritated.

This is normal and should resolve within 24hours. Use extra moisturiser and the Hydro Soothing Cream provided.

This treatment involves the use of a surgical blade and you are therefore at risk of Bleeding, superficial cuts, grazes or abrasions which may not be visible until 24 hours after treatment. These will heal quickly.
We wouldn’t recommend Dermaplaning for those suffering from acne or excessive oily skin. This is because oil from the sebaceous gland needs to trave up and connect with the vellus hair, so removing can worsen your skin condition

Products We Use

We use GENOSYS products for all our treatments. This is a world leading cosmeceutical skincare brand originating in South Korea who is highly regarded for its advances in aesthetic anti-ageing and rejuvenation skin care.

We also use the fabulous Paula’s Choice which offers an effective and high-quality rage of skin care products, highly recommended for many years by skin experts.

To speed up the healing process and to optimise and accelerate results, we combine this treatment with Dermalux LED light therapy, which is an essential part of any skin care programme for beautiful skin and an ultimate glowing complexion.

Dermalux is FDA approved and medically safe and certified treatment for all skin types so that beautiful skin is achievable for everybody.


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