Blonde Hair – No Hair!

We are LOVING these results on light blonde hair!  And this is after just 3 treatments!

Our client is gaining confidence and positively glowing!

Blonde Hair – NO HAIR!

So why can we treat blonde hair?

Have you every asked for laser hair removal only to be told you cant be treated as you have light, blonde, fine or residual hair?

Most laser clinics can’t treat blonde hair, but at Lancashire Laser Clinic we can!  That because we have the most advanced technology and most powerful laser in the UK.
Its true, when laser was first available, it was unable to treat finer, blonde hair, however, technology is now more advanced and we invested in the best!
Using the 755nm wavelength we are able to destroy blonde/white fine hair – and the result speak for themselves.
Just 3 treatments in and we are seeing fantastic results for our client.

Trust the Process!

Blonde hair removal can take a few sessions to see a big difference so you need to trust the process to see these incredible results
Laser course for one facial area ~ £135
Laser course for full face~£500

Why are our results so good?

Because we have the UK’s leading and most powerful laser – at 5000watts, we are able to remove fine, blonde and residual hair.
– We use the most POWERFUL laser Technology in the UK -5000 watts
– Up to 50% hair reduction from 1 session!
– Outstanding results even on FINE and BLONDE hair.
– Eliminate razor rash & ingrown hairs
– Life long hair removal – all body areas
– Private Clinic with free parking

Our treatments are fast, safe and effective and above all  – 5 star rated!

We care about you and your skin and work with you to get the best results to make you feel wonderful.

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