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We are very excited to launch our new LED Light & Skin Clinic which will run on Mondays & Tuesdays.

We have partnered with Dermalux – the Multi-award winning LED light Therapy System for Professional LED Phototherapy.


Treatments We


Back Laser Hair Removal For Men!

WOW!!  Over 80% hair gone from just our clients first session!

Just look at these AMAZING results from just one laser hair removal session.  Back hair be gone!

We just continue to impress ourselves and most importantly, our clients, with … READ MORE

No more Ingrown hairs – just smooth, soft skin!

Do you really know what smooth, soft skin feels like?

Chances are, unless you’ve had a wax, you won’t truly know how soft you skin really is.  And unfortunately, even with waxing, that smooth feeling doesn’t last for long as … READ MORE

Leave us a google to enter our £100 voucher competition

The love, loyalty and support my clients have given to me since I started my business 12 months ago has been amazing!

Words can not express my gratitude to each and everyone who has come through my door.

For some, … READ MORE

10% Discount during Small Business Awareness Week!

To celebrate and encourage the support of small local businesses, we are offering a fabulous 10% discount for anyone who books during small awareness business week!

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Fantastic Life Changing Results

Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best.  We are absolutely thrilled with the fantastic, life changing results we can achieve at Lancashire Laser Clinic.

Our lovely client had suffered with excess facial hair for many … READ MORE

Excess facial hair affects around 5 to 10 Percent of women

Excess facial hair is fairly common and affects around 5 to 10 percent of women.

We provide permanent laser hair removal treatments for lots of women to remove unwanted facial hair from lips, chins and necks.

We are here to


Reasons why MEN should consider laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatments for men is becoming more and more popular.  Men today also want to feel more groomed and hygienic, so laser hair removal provides the permanent solution for unwanted body or facial hair.

In addition, full body … READ MORE