Reasons why MEN should consider laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatments for men is becoming more and more popular.  Men today also want to feel more groomed and hygienic, so laser hair removal provides the permanent solution for unwanted body or facial hair.

In addition, full body hair removal can provide men with more confidence in themselves, they feel better with their shirts off and it also enhances and shows off defined muscles.

PLUS it saves you a fortune if you currently wax to remove unwanted hair!

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What areas can we treat for men?

The quick answer is, anywhere you grow hair, we can permanently remove!  This includes the full body, intimate areas, face and scalp.

A recent study showed that 46% of men were opting for full body hair removal because they wanted to look clean, hygienic and become more appealing to potential partners.

The social stigma around hair removal for men has gone away.  Waxing is actually quite common for men, but if  your currently waxing, it’s time to make a move over to laser for permanent, life long results!

Let’s look at the reasons why men should consider permanent laser hair removal.

#1:- It’s more hygienic

You may not know it, or even realize it, but body hair traps sweat, odors, and moisture that can lead to foul smells and even bacteria build up.

Men sweat more than women, and during these times your body is a haven for germs and odor. Even with repeated use of anti-bacterial soaps and showers after physical activities, it doesn’t take long for it to build up again. Especially during the hotter months of the year.

If there is no hair, then there is no where for the dirt and moisture to be stored.  Laser hair removal does not reduce the amount of sweat you produce, but without the hair you will enjoy a cleaner, fresher, more hygienic body.

#2:- Your partner will love it as much as you!

Permanent hair removal ultimately has to be your decision as it is a big change for anyone used to lots of body hair.

Even if your partner is suggesting you to go bare, you need to be sure that you feel confident in your decision in saying bye-bye to a hairy body.

After laser hair removal you will feel like a brand new man!   That confidence boost in feeling smoother and loving the way you look translated into your daily actions, including how you interact with your partner. You will feel younger and leaner without the coat of body hair hiding away your body and features.

You might be surprised by your partner’s reaction!

#3:- It’s permanent !

Laser hair removal is permanent which means once it’s gone, its gone!

So no more waxing or shaving. And no more skin irritations like razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal provides a permanent solution to unwanted body or facial hair.

#4: It saves time and money

No matter where you shave or wax on the body, it will grow back so once you start waxing, it’s a lifetime commitment and ongoing monthly expense to keep up with your hair free body.

Full body waxing can cost in the region of £150 to £250 – and remember, this is a monthly cost.  This means that you will pay around £1,800 to £3,000 per year for waxing.

Now cost that out over say 5 years – that’s around £9,000 to  £15,000 !!!  Double that for 10 years – that’s a lot of money spent on removing your body hair!

Our full body package is £2,490 – this saves £900 with us directly and saves you around £3,000 per year if you currently wax!

What are your most popular areas for men?

Our most popular areas at the moment are full back & shoulder treatments.  We have also done a lot of face and beard shaping.  The neck area is a very popular area as this seems to cause the most problems for men when shaving.

The feedback we receive from our male clients has been that laser has literally transformed their grooming routines.

In relation to the back, it can be very difficult to shave on your own and so often assistance is needed from a loved one or family member.

In relation to the facial and neck area, we have received fantastic feedback because often this is a more sensitive area to shave and so often our clients would get razor bump, shaving rashes, razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs, which can then lead to nasty sores.

How do you do the beard shaping?

This is a very popular laser treatment.  Beards are very fashionable and on trend right now which is amazing as who doesn’t love a well groomed beard!

But the general upkeep and grooming can be tiresome, costly and come with a whole host of skin irritations.

Once we have assessed your face, skin and hair and completed a patch test, we ask you to shave and shape your beard for your appointments.  We will then laser AROUND your shape to leave your lovely groomed beard in place and only the hairs around this will be destroyed.

Again, necks are very popular as this area tends to cause the most irritation and problems for men after shaving.

Full Head treatments

It is even possible to provide laser hair removal for the scalp with either a full or half head treatment.  Again, a lot of men decide to shave their heads but find it a difficult area to manage.

So laser hair removal will provide the perfect solution to permanently remove unwanted hair.


There are many fantastic benefits to laser hair removal.  Some men want to feel younger, sexier with smoother hair free bodies.  It can provide more muscle definition and having a smooth body can have a more positive effect on a man’s mindset.

Our treatments are fast, safe and effective and above all  – 5 star rated!

We care about you and your skin and work with you to get the best results to make you feel wonderful.

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