No more Ingrown hairs – just smooth, soft skin!

Do you really know what smooth, soft skin feels like?

Chances are, unless you’ve had a wax, you won’t truly know how soft you skin really is.  And unfortunately, even with waxing, that smooth feeling doesn’t last for long as soon the all too familiar prickles will appear as your hair re grows.

If you want lifelong hair free, smooth soft skin, we have the solution for you!

And the answer is laser hair removal!

In addition to leaving you with smooth hairless skin, there are many additional benefits to laser hair removal.

  • Reduces ingrown hairs.
  • Gets rid of razor burn / bumps.
  • Helps eliminate dark patches and hair follicles showing through the skin even after shaving.
  • Helps reduce acne and rashes from shaving.
  • Helps overall skin texture and complexion.

So lets talk about ingrown hairs, because not only did our lovely client want to get rid of unwanted hair, she also suffered from ingrown hairs, sores, and hyperpigmentation from the sores.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs appear when the hair curls back into the skin and grows in the wrong direction.

One of the many problems with shaving, waxing, epilating and general grooming of unwanted hair is that it can cause ingrown hairs.

If waxing is not performed correctly,  ie all of the hair follicle is not removed, when the hair re grows, it can sometimes redirect back into the skin to cause the ingrown hair.

Again with shaving, if the blade is not super sharp, or you pull your skin whilst shaving, this can also cause ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hair that doesn’t clear up can lead to:

  • Sore spots / reside bumps / scabs / scars
  • Bacterial infection – mostly from picking, scratching, squuzing
  • Patches of skin that are darker than usual (Hyperpigmentation)
  • Raised scars that are darker than surrounding skin- keloids

Often when the ingrown hair is freed or removed, you are left with the remains of the sores, patches, hyperpigmentation and possible scarring.

The good news is, that laser hair removal not only prevents ingrown hairs, but it can help with overall skin texture as your skin is allowed to properly heal.

Lets look at the results!

Our client wanted the whole Hollywood area treating – and as you can see, the results are amazing.  Not only is she hair free, but you can see how sore and inflamed her skin was on the before photos – this was caused by ingrown hairs.

As you can see from the after photo, her skin is looking much clearer, less sores and her skin is healing and much smoother and healthier!

Our goal is to make you look and feel your very best.  We are absolutely thrilled with the fantastic, life changing results we can achieve at Lancashire Laser Clinic.


Our treatments are fast, safe and effective and above all  – 5 star rated!

We care about you and your skin and work with you to get the best results to make you feel wonderful.

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