LED Deluxe Facial


Revitalise, Repair & Rejuvenate Your Skin From Within!

Our 10-step Deluxe Facial will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, revitalized with a more youthful complexion and a beautiful radiant glow.

Treatments are tailored depending on your skin type and needs:

  • Rejuvenating Facial – to help combat the signs of ageing, and leaves skin looking healthy, firm and glowing!
  • Calming Facial – ideal for sensitive skin, reducing redness, dryness whilst calming and repairing
  • Antibacterial Facial – Treats acne and active spots, leaving you with clearer skin, while actively fighting current breakouts
  • Problematic Facial – Helps target Hyperpigmentation, Sun-Induced age spots, Inflammation, Eczema, Rosacea

Dermalux is the Multi-awared winning LED Phottherapy system for non-invasive, pain free treatments that harnesses the power of natural light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined glowing skin.


  •  Single Treatment:       £60
  • Package deal of 6:       £330  Saving  £30     (£55 per treatment)
  • Package deal of 12:    £600 -Saving  £120  (£50 per treatment)

LED Deluxe Facial includes 30 mins LED Light Therapy.

Packages of 12 must be used within 6-12 weeks & Packages of 6 must be used within 4-8 weeks


Benefits of an LED Phototherapy Treatment

  • Skin cells that are energised by light therapy can regenerate up to 200% faster, boosting the healing, collagen and elastin process.
  • A single treatment instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion.
  • Prevents, repairs and maintains ageing skins
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts collagen and Elastin production by up to 36%
  • Improves skin tone and texture and smoothness by up to 79%
  • Improves lasting hydration in the skin.
  • Strengthens the skin
  • Powerful healing treatment, whilst reducing the potential of scarring
  • Improves spots and blemishes by 76%

Dermalux is an essential part of any skin care programme to optimise and accelerate results and provides the foundation to beautiful skin.

How Often Treatments Are Recommended

  • Every 4-5 weeks as part of any good skin care programme.
  • We recommend initially 12 treatments, twice per week over a 6 -12 week period for intensive skin activation. This can then be maintained on a monthly basis.
  • A course of treatments offers long lasting visible results, stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to speed up cell renewal, resolve problem skin conditions and promote vibrant healthy-looking skin.

Deluxe LED Facial Process 

  • TREATMENT TIME – is around 1 hour & includes 30 mins Dermalux LED Phototherapy
  • CONSULTATION – We will provide you with all pre and post treatment guidelines during your consultation process.
  • PREPARE – We start by preparing your skin with a good cleanse and tone.
  • EXFOLIATE – Next, we apply the Epi peel Turnover Boosting Gel. This not only exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, but also ensures your skin is fully prepared for LED Light Therapy.
  • STIMULATE – To maximise the full benefits of the LED Light Therapy, we need to stimulate blood flow. So, prepare to relax and unwind with a beautiful Gua sha & Lymphatic drainage massage.
  • SOOTHING EYE PEPTIDES – Cooling Eye Gel Patches are applied during your massage which are designed to sooth and relax whilst the peptides boost collagen production which also helps reduce eye bags and wrinkles.
  • BOOST, ACTIVATE & REPAIR – Once the whole area has been treated, we apply additional Repair Face Serums and Multi-Peptide Boosters to encourage further collagen production. These serums contain targeted ingredients which react, boost and activate during the LED Light Therapy.
  • LED LIGHT THERAPY – We provide 30 mins Dermalux LED Light Therapy which is tailored to your skin type and requirements. The LED Therapy also enhances the penetration of products deeper into your skin and accelerates activation of the ingredients.
  • FINISH – We then apply tailored eye and face serums and Moisturisers for a beautiful radiant glow,
  • PROTECT – We provide a nourishing Lip balm & multi-purpose SPF40 to finish. The soothing ingredients ensure no irritation whilst protecting from harmful UVB rays.
  • GET UP AND GLOW! There is no downtime with this treatment, you simply get up and glow with smoother, healthier and more revitalised skin.


LED Light therapy triggers a whole cascade of skin enhancing processes, the benefits continue even after the treatment has finished.

A single treatment instantly energises skin cells to revitalise a dull and tired complexion.

A course of treatment offers long lasting visible results, stimulating the skin’s natural rejuvenation and repair processes to speed up cell renewal, resolve problem skin conditions and promote vibrant healthy-looking skin.

LED Phototherapy is the application of low-level light energy into the skins deepest layers which has a biological effect on our cells.

Skin cells that are energised can regenerate up to 200% faster. Which leads to a more youthful, healthy and radiant complexion.

We use Red, Blue and Near Infrared light and each wavelength of light is absorbed by the skin at different levels and designed to target and do different things.

No. Dermalux LED Light therapy is a non-invasive, pain free treatment. It treats the skin from within without causing trauma. There is no heat, chemicals or wounding with LED therapy.
No. there are no known side effects no pain and no downtime with this treatment.
Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression. It happens during certain seasons of the year, most often fall or winter. It is thought that shorter days and less daylight may set off a chemical change in the brain leading to symptoms of depression. LED Light therapy promotes well-being and can help treat SAD.
Blue light targets bacteria in the sebaceous glands, which causes spots. It produces a chemical reaction, releasing singlet Oxygen which has a powerful anti-bacterial action.

The Blue Light helps spots, blemish & acne prone skin and has a Calming anti-inflammatory effect. Blue and red light can improve spots and blemishes by 76%.

Red light is absorbed in the mitochondria – middle level – which is responsible for the production of essential cell energy. It Stimulates & boosts collagen and elastin production, Accelerates cell renewal for Smoother, more youthful & revitalised skin.

Improves skin texture, tone, visible pores, dehydration & dull complexion, reduces fine lines, Increases natural skin hydration. Increases blood circulation and oxygenation and stimulates lymphatic system.

Near Infrared light is absorbed in the skins deepest layers and stimulates cellular activity with advanced Rejuvenation benefits. Increased blood circulation brings vital oxygen and nutrients to accelerate repair, calm irritation and build strength for sensitive skin conditions.

It has advanced skin rejuvenation benefits and health skin. Accelerates repair, calms redness and irritation. Regulates inflammatory response, reduces hyperpigmentation and treats redness, dry, thin fragile complexion. It also Accelerates post treatment healing and is Ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Yes. We can offer individual light or we can combine the light therapy depending on your skin type and needs. For example, Red & NIR can improve skin texture & smoothness by up to 79% & elasticity by 36%


Products We Use

We use GENOSYS products for all our treatments. This is a world leading cosmeceutical skincare brand originating in South Korea who is highly regarded for its advances in aesthetic anti-ageing and rejuvenation skin care.

We also use the fabulous Paula’s Choice which offers an effective and high-quality rage of skin care products, highly recommended for many years by skin experts.

Dermalux is FDA approved and medically safe and certified treatment for all skin types so that beautiful skin is achievable for everybody.


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