50% Hair Loss from 1st Laser Treatment

WOW! Just look at these amazing results from my clients 1st laser hair removal session!  Over 50% hair reduction.

Yes, we can treat the full head to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Our lovely client was fed up with constant shaving, cuts and patches of hair he missed shaving from those tricky to reach places, so came to us for a permanent solution.

Why are our results so good?

We have invested in the best technology in the UK.  We have the most advanced laser hair removal system running at 5000 watts, which is 5 times more powerful than other laser systems.

Most other salons use machines which are around 2000 watts or less, which means their results wont be permanent/effective or you will need ongoing treatments.

We recommend 6 sessions to permanently and fully destroy all the hair, but as you can see, the results are very quick and effective at Lancashire Laser Clinic.

Why does this look patchy?

This  is only the FIRST session!  (We will keep you updated with progress,)

The reason why we recommend 6 sessions is that your hair naturally sheds / falls out continually throughout your life, which you may or may not notice depending on your hair length and especially if you shave.

We can only destroy the hair follicles that are still present at that time, i.e. whilst it is in the anagen phase. (This is the first stage of the hair growth cycle.)

So we space out the laser sessions, about 8 weeks apart for the scalp and slowly increase this time period on the last few sessions.  This is to ensure that we capture and destroy all hair follicles whilst they go through the natural growing and shedding cycle.

Our client is still shaving in between sessions, but we wanted to see the results from his first session so he gladly left it for us to see!

We have Amazing technology for amazing results – we can’t wait to see our client at the end of the process – completely smooth and bald!

We treat all body areas for men and women, so if you would like to get rid of unwanted body, facial or head hair, contact us for more details or you can book here for your free consultation via our fresha link.

We look forward to seeing you

LL Clinic