4 sessions in and no longer needing to shave!

We’ve had another amazing 5 star rated review from another beautiful client who is undergoing treatments at Lancashire Laser Clinic.

This is what Catlin had to say about us

“Absolutely loving my results. I have 2 sessions left and the hair is more or less gone if not all.

Lauren is amazing with clients, talks you through every step so you feel at ease.

Very professional and uses the best products in the business.”

Thank you for your amazing review Catlin. We are just as excited as you!  And we can’t wait for the end result!


4 Treatments in and no longer needing to shave

Our client has had 4 laser hair removal treatments on her underarms and she is no longer needing to shave, which is absolutely fantastic as she has responded really well to her laser hair removal treatments.

During the next few treatments, we will concentrate on the fine, residual which is usually lighter and finer.

Catlin in general has finer lighter hair, which traditionally IN THE PAST is difficult or impossible to treat.  However, as our laser Machine, The Eneka PRO, is one of the most advanced laser machines in the UK running at 5000watts, we will be sure to blast all the last remaining hairs away!

We are absolutely thrilled for our client and really happy she is so pleased.  We do strive to provide a 5 star rated service as we are passionate about laser hair removal and the service we provide, so again, we just LOVE hearing your comments and feedback.

We provide permanent laser hair removal for both men and women

We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.  We can remove unwanted hair from anywhere on the body, including intimate areas and we can also remove hair safely from the facial area.

Our treatments are fast, safe and effective and above all  – 5 star rated!

We care about you and your skin and work with you to get the best results to make you feel wonderful.

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We look forward to seeing you soon


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