5 Star Rating from Daniel

Meet our beautiful client Daniel who came into Lancashire Laser Clinic for laser hair removal.

We treated his arms and intimate areas and he gave us a 5 star rating.  Daniel came in for his consultation and patch test and was a little apprehensive about what to expect, but we assured him he was in safe hands and this is what Daniel had to say!


How do you find our Eneka Pro Diode Laser Machine?  How does it feel?

“I was a bit apprehensive as you think it’s going to be really painful, but it was absolutely fine and not painful at all.  You do feel like a little scratch, but it’s not at all like I Imagined.”

What other methods of hair removal did you use before?

“I’ve done everything!  Shaved, wazed, plucked and I use veet.  if people are tired of shaving, veeting and waxing and want a easier way of life and more time than laser is the way to go its so easy effective and so worth it!”

So what was your overall opinion of laser hair removal?

“I have wanted to have laser treatment for a long time and i have always been unsure until i met Lauren who explained to me how it works and how treatments work i can honestly say i noticed the difference of hair growth on my first treatment.”

Would you recommend Lancashire Laser Clinic?

“Absolutely, its amazing and you wont be disappointed. Lauren makes everything personal and comfortable but at the same time fun.”

We really love hearing great feedback from our lovely clients!

Is it time for you to start your laser hair removal journey?  We provide treatments for all genders and offer quick, safe and effective treatments to remove unwanted body or facial hair.

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