Amazing hair loss results from 1st laser treatment!

Look at the incredible results my client had from just one laser hair removal session! Over 50% reduction.

We recommend 6 sessions to fully destroy all the hair but as you can see, hair loss results are very quick and effective at Lancashire Laser Clinic!

Why are our results so good?

In order to permanently destroy the hair follicle, the base of the hair follicle must be heated up to 70 degrees in order to prevent regrowth.

So machine performance really does matter when it comes to hair removal!  Most laser machines run at 2000w or less meaning the results won’t be permanent/effective or you need ongoing treatments.  Also IPL or the cheaper laser machines, often from China simply do not have the power or cooling system to achieve permanent results,

Our laser machine, Eneka PRO operates at 5000w which is the most high power, medical grade Laser technology in the UK.

There are less than 10 Eneka PRO laser machines in the UK and we are lucky enough have one!  We wanted to invest in the best technology to bring you quick, effective and pain free treatments to remove unwanted hair permanently.

The results speak for themselves!

We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.

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