Amazing laser hair removal results!

We LOVE amazing results and we LOVE seeing our amazing clients so happy!

This is the result from just ONE laser hair removal session at Lancashire Laser Clinic and our beautiful client could not wait to tell us how thrilled she was.

As soon as she came into the clinic, she was smiling and said she was “over the moon!” and so happy with the results from just her first treatment.

This is one of the main reasons why I love my job so much.  My client had suffered for many years with unwanted hair on her neck and chin and had come to us to see if we could help.

It can be quite daunting for new clients when they don’t know what to expect or maybe feel that nothing will help, but we honestly do achieve fantastic permanent hair loss results.

We usually see around 50% hair loss from the first laser hair removal sessions, but for this client we achieved over 50% hair removal.


Why are our results so good?

We have invested in the best technology in the UK.  We have the most advanced diode laser hair removal system running at 5000 watts, which is 5 times more powerful than other laser systems.

Most other salons use machines which are around 2000 watts or less, which means their results wont be permanent/effective or you will need ongoing treatments.


How many laser sessions will I need?

We recommend 6 sessions to permanently and fully destroy all the hair, but as you can see, the results are very quick and effective at Lancashire Laser Clinic.

We target the hair follicles which are in the anagen or growth stage, and because your hair grows and sheds naturally at different times, which is why we need 6 sessions which are completed over a 6 -9 month period to ensure we fully destroy all the hair follicles.

We pride ourselves on providing the best laser hair removal treatments, with the most up to date technology combined with our expert knowledge on removing hair.


Amazing technology = Amazing results!

We have amazing technology, which gives us amazing results, which gives us amazing happy customers!

We can’t wait to finish our clients hair loss journey – we have already seen her confidence grow and so we just know that the end result will be fabulous and life changing for her.