Another 5 star review!

We’ve had another fabulous review from one of our lovely clients Ruby.  We honestly LOVE seeing happy clients and value your comments and feedback.

Read what Ruby had to say about her Laser Hair removal experience with us.

“Highly recommend Lauren at Lancashire Laser Clinic.  I’m about half way through my sessions and I’m definitely seeing results. Lauren is so lovely makes you feel super comfortable in her gorgeous clinic.

She knows her stuff and has my full trust. I feel like she’s just as excited as her clients to see their life changing results!”

And yes, we couldn’t agree more. We LOVE hearing how happy you are and YES, we are just as excited, if not more, about your amazing results.

Life Changing Results

No matter why you want permanent laser hair removal, it is literally life changing.  For some clients we meet it is purely cosmetic, so this means no more shaving, no more plucking or epilating, no more waxing, no more cuts, bumps or lumps or razor burn or rash.  And of course it will save you a heap of time AND money in the long run.

For others, permanently removing hair can be a more personal experience.  We see many clients who have suffered with hair growth that makes them feel less body confident.

Knowing that we can make a huge impact and difference to someone’s life is an amazing feeling.  We provide so much body confidence and overall self image confidence once treatment commences and often, clients are so amazed after a single session with the hair loss results.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service at Lancashire Laser Clinic.  We strive to provide the best possible treatments and have outstanding laser technology which achieves fantastic hair loss results which in turn gives us highly satisfied customers!

We care passionately about you as a client and take time to discuss any concerns or worries you may have.  We provide a fabulous, gorgeous clinic (as Ruby confirmed) and we aim to make you feel comfortable and relaxed every step of the way, from the initial consultation and throughout your treatments.

Contact us to start your laser hair removal journey

If you want to start your journey into super soft, hair free skin, then contact us today and be as super smooth, and super happy as Ruby!

We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.

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