Another amazing 5 star Review

We LOVE amazing results and we LOVE seeing our  clients so happy!  But most of all we LOVE receiving feedback and we couldn’t be happier for Jane as she is seeing amazing results.

5 Star review

This is what Jane had to say, “She is extremely thorough and makes you feel at ease. I have undertaken facial laser and underarm laser with great results.

Her laser machine is a high spec machine that most beauticians do not have and is able to deal with fairer coloured hairs. very happy with the results and looking at treating other areas such are the result.”

Does Laser work on fair hair?

If you have fairer or blonde hair, you may have been advised by other technicians and laser companies that they are unable to treat you.

The good news is at Lancashire Laser Clinic we ARE able to treat and remove fairer hair.

Why?  Because we have invested in the best technology in the UK.  We have the most advanced diode laser hair removal system running at 5000 watts, which is 5 times more powerful than other laser systems.

Most other salons use machines which are around 2000 watts or less, which means their results wont be permanent/effective or you will need ongoing treatments.  And most other salons are unable to treat fair hair.

We are still unable to treat grey/white or red hair – this is due to the lack of melanin in the hair follicle.

As you can read from this review, our lovely client Jane has more fair to blonder hair and we are achieving great results.


We treat all skin types

We are very passionate about providing the best treatments and we are so happy that we have the most advanced technology that allows us to treat all hair and skin types which means we have no restrictions and can provide this amazing treatment to everyone.

We also treat all areas of the body, face and scalp for both men and women.  So when we say we’ve got it covered, we really have.


Thank you Jane for your amazing review.  We are so pleased that we are able to help you and so many others.

No more waxing!  No more Plucking!  And no more shaving or epilating.

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