Back Hair Be Gone – How to save over £5,000

If I told you we can save you £5,000 over the next 10 years and have no more back hair would that sound amazing?  Would you want to know more?

Male grooming is getting more and more popular, with back hair removal in particular wanting that special treatment.

There are many benefits to ridding yourself of hair, but firstly lets look at costs!  Because for most people, that’s what it boils down to.

Average costs of male back waxing

Do you know what it actually costs for waxing?

The average cost of male back waxing is around £40 – £45 per treatment and although results are immediate, waxing is not permanent and needs to be done every 3-4 weeks.

So over the year, the average man will spend £480 – £540 waxing his back.

Now lets do the maths!  Over 10 years that’s £5,000  and £10,000 over 20 years,

And those prices could increase if you want shoulders and the back of your neck included,

So lets look at how you can save money!

Laser hair removal is a permanent way of removing hair, and we recommend 6 treatments to get rid of unwanted hair.  Once its gone, its gone!

We offer a fantastic package deal “Back Hair Be Gone” for just £895 which is our most popular male grooming treatment.  This includes:

  • Full back
  • Shoulders
  • and back of neck

This package actually saves you £100 than having each area treated individually.  Treatments are spread over a 6-12 month period and payment plans are available.

If you just wanted the full back, we offer this for £590 

So as you can see, with an initial investment, you can save so much more over a lifetime of waxing.

So why should you consider laser hair removal?

Apart from the massive financial lifetime savings there are many benefits to laser hair removal.

  • Its permanent – once its gone, no more shaving, waxing or grooming!
  • Saves time – only 6 treatments
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Being hair-free feels cleaner and more hygienic
  • Reduced body odour, particularly in summer
  • Sports related benefits for swimmers, athletes and cyclists
  • Improved appearance and enhanced muscle definition Increased self-confidence
  • Partners prefer the smooth look

Look at the bigger picture!

Yes we all look at prices and costs that are immediately in front of us, but if you look at the lifetime savings that we can provide at Lancashire Laser Clinic, you will see what an amazing offer we have.

We offer a personal consultation and patch test to ensure that you are suitable for laser treatment and will go through the process carefully so that we make you feel relaxed and confident.

We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.

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We hope to see you soon!


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