Bye Bye Monobrow!

Say goodbye to unwanted facial hair.  Now you can have permanent groomed eyebrows all year round with our advanced Laser Hair removal treatments.

Our Lovely client Kenji came to us as his eyebrows were growing in the middle – i.e. the monobrow, which gives the appearance of a full eyebrow.  We also provided eyebrow shaping to ensure his eyebrows were perfectly groomed.


We always start with a full consultation, which usually lasts around an hour.  We carefully look at your skin and hair and also check your medical history to ensure that you are suitable for laser hair removal.

We also explain how laser hair removal works, go through the process and take our time to ensure that you are comfortable with the process, understand how it works and to put you at ease for starting your treatments.

Clients come to us for all different needs and areas they want hair removal, so we listen carefully to understand your needs and work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

We then conduct a quick patch test to ensure that you do not have any adverse reactions to laser, and once this is completed, your on your way to hair free, smooth skin.

In Kenji’s case – Bye Bye Monobrow!


Preparing the face for laser

When it comes to facial hair, we do like to see the hair growing at each appointment.  We will remove any hair with a special facial razor and then carefully mark out the skin and areas needed to remove the unwanted hair.

We also ensure before treatment that the skin is clean and free from any products like creams, make up, body oils etc. as the skin must be totally free from products before laser can commence.

Why do you need to wear glasses during laser hair removal?

The eye is very susceptible to damage from the light emitted from the laser.  If the laser goes directly into the eye, it can cause serious damage to the eye and retina and it can cause blindness.

This is why it is imperative that Laser safety glasses or goggles  MUST be worn by everyone in the room  when laser hair removal is taking place.  This includes me, the therapist, the client and any visitors.

There are different strengths of laser glasses, so again, its imperative that the correct glasses are purchased for maximum safety.

Fortunately, we only invest in the best and all our glasses are manufactured and regulated to be used in conjunction with our high grade medical laser machine.

We even have some smaller glasses designed for when we are completing facial treatments.  As you can see below, we firstly cover the eyes with cotton pads before putting on the glasses.  This is because we are working in very delicate areas and to ensure maximum client safety.

It may not be the most fashionable look – but your health and safety comes first!  And besides, you will be looking your best self and all silky smooth once the treatment is over!

The laser process

Once we have everything in place, we apply cooling packs to the areas we are going to treat.  This just helps cool and numb the skin a little and then we apply gel to the areas of skin that we are treating.  This is the same gel used when you go for an ultra sound – its nice and cool and helps the laser glide over the skin.

And then we laser the skin.  We have a special attachment for working on finer areas and we use a small wooden spatula/stick to shape the eyebrows, covering the parts we don’t want to laser to ensure hair is only removed from the places its unwanted – because once it’s gone, its gone!

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Every client is different and will have different experiences.  We explain that the sensation is similar to that of an elastic band on the skin – a slight prickle or snapping sensation.  We carefully monitor each client during treatment, however, our advanced system has an integrated inbuilt cooling system which minimises the pain and protects the skin.

The majority of our clients say it is a comfortable process and in Kenji’s case, he felt very little during his treatment.  In fact we think he fell asleep he was so comfortable!

We also provide a little soft squeezy ball to distract you during treatments so we have it all in hand, literally!


After treatment

Once we have completed your treatment, you can sit back and relax as we again apply cooling packs to the areas that we have treated.

We have a lovely full gel cooling mask that we apply to your face which will help to reduce any temporary swelling or or pain.

We then provide you (on your first visit) with an exfoliating mitt and aloe vera gel so you can continue your post care at home.

Finally, if you are going outside, we may apply a little sun SPF30 cream to your face as it’s important to keep any areas treated out of direct sunlight.


What did our client think about the treatment?

We asked Kenji if he was happy about his results, he gave us a 5 star review and this is what he had to say !

“Lauren was very caring of my needs, understanding and informative.
She made me feel comfortable, welcome and aware of the procedure. I was even given free, complimentary skincare items!

This laser hair removal clinical has shown significant improvement in the elimination of my monobrow. I would 100% recommend this clinic!”

We are thrilled that we have another happy client.  We pride ourselves on delivering the best service and treatments and no matter why you want or need laser hair removal, we are happy to help you on your journey to hair free skin.

We provide excellent pre and post care and are with you every step of the way.

Thank you for your amazing review and good bye monobrow!

We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.

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Thank you

LL Clinic