Choosing the Right Laser Machine

It’s really important to look carefully at the type of laser machines clinics are using when considering permanent laser hair removal.

Everyone claims to have the best, so here are some important factors to take into consideration.

Plus we will explain why we do have the best!


1. What is the wattage or power of the laser machine?

There are lots of salons offering laser hair removal, but not many have the most up to date technology or high powered machines to back up their claims.

The laser machine we use, the Eneka Pro is a high grade medical laser which operates at 5000 watts.

Most other salons use machines at around 2000 watts – so our machine is 3 to 5 times more powerful than what most clinics can offer.

So simply put – HIGH power = great results!

2. How many sessions does the salon recommend?

If a clinic is recommending 8, 12 or more sessions to complete the treatment, its more than likely their technology is out of date or using a low powered machine, and you may not achieve the results you want or may have to go back for follow on treatments or top up treatments.

Pay as you go salons use this technique by offering single sessions and advise maybe you need around 8 sessions.

We recommend just 6 treatments which will permanently destroy all hair follicles for most clients.  Plus we factor in your hair growth cycle.


3. What type of machine is it – Diode or IPL?

Without going into advanced science or technology, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser is the original or first laser system introduced to remove unwanted hair.

IPL will require more regular and long term treatments to permanently remove hair, whereas a Diode laser machine is more up to date technology wise.

A Diode laser will work more effectively with less patient discomfort whilst being able to treat more skin and hair types than the old fashioned IPL systems.

Simply put – a Diode laser is the most up to date laser hair removal system.

4. Where is the machine manufactured?

This is a really important factor when choosing your laser machine as this part really regulates the safety aspect.

Did you know that we have to heat up the hair follicle to around 70 degrees to permanently destroy the hair, so your skin safety is a really important factor to considerer when having laser treatments.

We see hundreds of cheap, low powered machines being advertised and claiming great results for laser hair removal.  But again, unless its a high grade machine, you wont necessarily see great results.

More worryingly, cheap laser machines that are manufactured in China may look the part and may seem ok, but sadly they do not come with any safety measures or guarantees in place when they are not FDA approved.

These machines probably wont permanently remove hair and they can cause damage to your skin along the lines of burns or permanent scaring.


We are proud to say we have the most powerful and safest laser machine in the UK.

We do have the facts to back up our claims – the key features of our laser machine:

  • The Eneka PRO runs at 5000 watts
  • Its a Diode laser with advanced technology to permanently remove hair
  • It has an integrated cooling system which helps protect the skin by keeping it cool which also minimises any pain
  • our laser is a high grade medical laser machine
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • AND its FDA approved which means its fully regulated and we meet all the safety standards and requirements.

So when considering laser hair removal, please take your time to choose the right machine.

There are a lot of other factors to achieving fantastic results – but this covers the basics of the laser machine you choose.

Your skin and safety should always come first!

At Lancashire Laser Clinic we have amazing technology for amazing results.


We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.

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