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We asked our lovely client Lauren about her hair loss journey at Lancashire Laser Clinic.  We wanted to know about her experience with us, what methods of hair removal she had used before and how laser hair removal has had an impact on her life.  We also did a video shoot with her to record her feedback and results.

Her full story is here!

What methods did you use before to remove unwanted hair prior to laser hair removal?

“Before I had laser, I mostly just shaved, so it would take a long time and a lot of razors!  So yes, #Razor to LASER”

What areas did you have treated?

“I had an intimate area and also my upper lip treated.”


Did you suffer any skin irritations or problems prior to laser treatments?

“So unfortunately shaving really did not work for me.  It hurt my skin.” 

“I have quite sensitive skin already, so shaving did not help my eczema, plus using soap with shaving resulted in flaky dry skin, I also had ingrown hairs, bumps and razor burn and rashes and I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore!”

Overall, how happy are you with your results?

“I cannot even tell you how happy I am with my results!  I am completely hairless, like baby smooth skin.  I am just so excited, I’m so smooth, I can’t stop telling everyone!  And its saved me so much time.”

What difference has laser hair removal made to you?

“So again, it has saved me so much time.  If I’ve got a date or I’m going out, I don’t need to think about shaving, I’m just like BOOM!  I’m ready and just walk out the door!  It’s absolutely fantastic.”

How happy are you with the service provided at Lancashire Laser Clinic?

“I am so incredibly happy with the service I received.  Lauren is so professional.  She really puts you at ease, she’s got the most hi tech equipment, she is so sanitary, everything is cleaned, and sterilized in-between visits and I always feel happy, comfortable and safe and that’s the main thing.”

“Its an Absolutely flawless service, my first experience in any hair removal so I was fairly nervous however Lauren talked me through every step and I was very comfortable throughout the whole process. Very professional and extremely helpful and seeing great results. Couldn’t recommend enough.”


Would you recommend Lancashire Laser Clinic?

“Yes 100%.  I would absolutely recommend Lancashire laser clinic!  All of my friends are sick to death of hearing how fabulous she is!  But seriously, if you can I would absolutely get down here as it’s so worth it and definitely worth doing.  I’ve had fabulous service, I’ve got wonderful smooth skin and I never need to shave again!”

Our Consultation Process

We first start your laser hair removal journey with a consultation, which usually lasts around an hour.  This is an opportunity for us to fully understand your needs and requirements and also check that you are suitable for laser hair removal.

We take our time to explain how laser hair removal works, so that we can put you at ease and feel confident about your treatments.  Explaining carefully how long it takes, how it will feel and what to expect.

We will discuss your medical history, look carefully at your skin and hair and also complete a patch test.  And once all that is complete you are good to go and we book in your treatments.


We are just so thrilled to have happy customers as we pride ourselves on customer service and we are thrilled to hear you are so happy!

We have amazing laser technology for amazing hair removal results.

We provide permanent hair removal treatments for both men and women, and we treat all skin and hair types.

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