Protect your skin!

We are having some lovely weather just lately and looking at the forecast we could be having another heat wave!  Which is fantastic and I hope you can make the most of the lovely sunshine.

Its really important that we look after our skin in general as overtime UV damage from sunlight can take a toll on the skin and may cause your skin to develop more lines and wrinkles.  Too much sun exposure may also risk the increase of skin cancers.


Its especially important to take extra care of your skin whilst undergoing laser hair removal treatments as your skin will be more sensitive than normal and is more susceptible to burning.

Here are some quick tips to protect your skin:

  • Please use a high SPF factor if your skin is exposed to direct sunlight
  • SPF30 is recommended
  • Use a moisturiser / makeup with built in SPF or maybe add a little to foundation
  • Try and keep to the shade as much as possible
  • Wear a hat – especially if you are having treatments on the scalp / face
  • and please try to keep tanning to a minimum

Excessive tanning within 4 weeks of your session can compromise the effectiveness of your treatment and your session may need to be rearranged, which means you may miss a hair growth cycle.

Please remember, your laser sessions won’t last forever and soon you will be able to go back to normal routines!!

I just want to ensure that you and your beautiful skin is safe.


Best wishes


LL Clinic