We can now take card payments!

We are thrilled we can now offer payments via card which allows our customers more flexibility and options when booking your laser hair removal treatments.
With so many card options on the market, its confusing which one to go for.  We had looked at a few different companies who charged lower percentages for transactions, but they seemed to have higher rental fees and we couldn’t really decide which to go for, because of course everyone says they are the best.

Why did we decide to use SumUP?

I had seen adverts for this card reader, but one afternoon I was in Manchester doing some shopping and saw a lady selling snow cones, those little cups of delicious flavoured ice.  I was convinced she would want payment in cash and I knew I didn’t have enough change on me,  however, to my surprise she told me she accepted card payments.
Yes – I got my snow cone!
We had a brief chat about the SumUp card machine  and she said it had literally changed her business as being mobile had been difficult for her to accept card transactions.
So the charges per transaction are a little higher than some card companies, but there is no rental or monthly fee which means I only pay 1.69% per transaction whereas some companies charge rental of £25 to £50 per month plus transaction fees.
So that’s how a little snow cone helped me to decide which card reader to use!
Contact us for your free consultation – I cant offer a snow cone, but we do offer refreshments and of course hair free bodies!We hope to see you soon!
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